Included with your purchase:

Pintonka Rivet Tool Frame

T-Handle Die Driver for speed

Hex Head Die Driver for close work

Hanson CA2004-14 1/8"x1 Oval/Truss Head Die

Hanson CA2005-14 1/8"x1 Tubular Roll Clinch Die

Illustrated Instructions

Handy Clinch Range Table

Tool Storage Box

Also included is a 50 piece rivet assortment to get you started:

(10) 1/8 x 4/32

(10) 1/8 x 5/32

(10) 1/8 x 6/32

(10) 1/8 x 7/32

(10) 1/8 x 8/32


These Oval Head Zinc Plated Mild Steel Semi-Tubular rivets are perfect for many applications. Additional rivets are available directly from: